Friday, June 24, 2011

songwriters that inspire (part 1)

I've been willing to write about the singers/songwriters that inspire me for a long time. Now it is time to write it down, and I hope that I can do it without being boring. All of them are considered Indie Songwriters.

The first song that I remember listening to, is probably the same one you've heard: The Way I Am, however I only felt in love with her metaphoric lyrics with Breathing, and since then I learned how to listen to her simple melodies and strong stanzas. 
To listen to: 

The Swell Season (folk/rock)
This is a partnership formed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; he is Irish, she is Czech. They starred Once, a musical released back in 2007, as a 'couple' that help each other, play and sing. In the real life, they formed the band, had a relationship, then broke up, but the band still remains, and that is what I mostly love about it. Despite what made their relationship as a couple fail, they can create such beautiful songs. Falling Slowly has won the Oscar for best Original Music.
To listen to:

Imogen Heap (pop/techno)
She is British and a very communicative, creative person. She had the guts to produce her first album alone, and honestly she does not need anyone else, because she is able to write, play, sing, and have a closer relationship with her fans. She had a vlog where she showed how her last album Eclipse got life, and at this moment, she has a running site called Heapsong2, where she chats to everyone out there who wants to help, either in lyrics or pictures, to create her newest work.

To listen to:

Ra Ra Riot (rock)
The band from Syracuse, NY released their first album The Rhumb Line with sadness: their drummer John Pike was found dead after disappearing from a party. However the band decided to keep rocking, and with the release of the album they dedicated it  to him, for he was a serious songwriter also, and a foundation was named after him. What makes this band unique is the using of a cello and a violin, both played by girls, and the songs are really different from what most people is used to. They are really catchy, with meaning. And on their second album The Orchard we have the pleasure of listening to You and I know, the most simple, beautiful and truthful song in the album.
To listen to: 

That is all for today, see ya in the next part.

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